Message From The President


Welcome to Portland State, Oregon’s flagship urban university.

Please explore our beautiful tree-lined campus on the Park Blocks of Portland. Here you’ll find people learning, collaborating and having fun. As you stroll through, it doesn’t take long to recognize our creative spirit and our commitment to scholarship and diversity. Portland State serves as an idea incubator – for the engineering major who needs start-up money to develop stop-motion animation equipment. For the architecture and design students who plan and build housing for homeless women. For the transfer students taking the next step to a career in medicine.

Roam off campus and enjoy one of the most vibrant cities in the United States. You’ll find a dazzling array of food carts, coffee shops, local bookstores and charming neighborhoods – all accessible by foot, bike or streetcar.

At PSU, we’re proud of our world-class faculty, our dedicated students and our deep engagement with Portland and all it has to offer. We do things a bit differently here, offering a nationally-recognized general education curriculum, an urban Honors College, and Four Years Free and Transfers Finish Free to high-achieving, income-eligible students. It is no wonder U.S. News & World Report put us on their select list of the top 10 “most innovative” universities in the nation.

Please make the most of your visit to PSU. We hope to see you again soon!

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Rahmat Shoureshi
President, Portland State University